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The Journey

I have often been asked why we started with alpacas. However, all you really have to do is look at them. The huge soulful eyes veiled by long lashes, the graceful long neck, and all that fluff is enough to captivate anyone.

When we started we were looking for wool animals as I have fallen madly in love with spinning. We visited sheep farms, goats, bunnies, any animal with natural fibres. Then one day as we visited a farm we came across the alpaca. They were so curious and gentle, we just had to learn more.

Right away we learned about all the wonderful qualities of their fleece. How it is warmer than wool, but lighter, and far less itchy. We learned about how they damage the land less than other animals. I found spinning their fleece a joy and soon expanded to transforming their fleece. In no time we had our own little herd of 8 alpacas. Now we are up to 29 alpacas and I love each one.

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